Giga Plus Software 1.3.2 Release




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    Scott Chester

    Ethernet ports are changed to match with the same mapped ports in ApexPlus and others for compatibility. This means that if two sides of the same link are running different versions of the software, the port mapping will be off, except for GE4 which remains the same. A radio running 1.3.0 with port ge3 would map to port ge2 with 1.3.2. The other ports will not be mapped to common ports at all.

    It is strongly encouraged that the firmware on both sides of a link match at all times.

    New Old
    ge4 ge4
    ge2 ge3
    ge1 -
    ge3 -
    - ge1
    - ge2
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    Scott Chester

    A user has reported issues passing STP BPDUs with this firmware that was fixed by installing the latest. We have not tried to reproduce this issue, but if you're experiencing issues, I would suggest upgrading to the latest firmware available in the GigaPlus forum.

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