Apex 2.1.1 Beta Firmware




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    Scott Chester

    Attached is the 5/15 beta.

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    Brett Glass
    Please clarify. Who should apply this upgrade? Is it a critical fix that it is wise to apply even though the firmware is in beta? Does it include the code which disables smart bridging?
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    Scott Chester

    Anyone is welcome to apply the upgrade, but we are awaiting feedback from certain customers who are trying it before releasing it. I have not received any word that they have experienced any problems with the new firmware, so if you'd like to install it for added protection, you may do so.

    This release includes the previous changes, including disabling MAC address learning.

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    We are running 2.1 and are having traffic stoppages on our link.  I am leaning towards believing this is an RF issue with ducting causing fading in the early morning hours... but how can we verify whether we are experiencing this loss of connectivity issue between internal switch and modem?

    I do inexplicably see that the GE1 and GE2 indicators in the GUI are both red, even when traffic is passing over the link (we are using copper 1000 FDX for data).  Any relation to issues that may be fixed by this beta release?

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