TDM (E1) Transmition over 3 Links back to back


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    Scott Chester

    Assuming the individual links are engineered accordingly there is no problem repeating the T1. Just use a crossover cable between the IDUs. There is also no problem mixing Giga and GigaPlus among the individual links. You cannot link a Giga to a GigaPlus, however, in the same link (but they can be collocated together.)

    If you want to mange the radios via out of band management, you'll need a switch at each location, or need to disable smart mode. Alternatively, you could use IBM to manage the radios along the path.

    I know of many deployments have done two hops and I'm fairly certain there are a few that have done three hops as well without a problem. Actually, I've tested in my lab with 14+ hops and no problems.

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